Dak Dillon is a commercial and event photographer based in Columbia, Missouri.

You have heard the timeworn clichés “A picture is worth a thousand words” and “You only get one chance to make a great first impression”. When it comes to highlighting your brand or capturing milestones, these sayings are more apt than ever in today’s digital world.

Dak Dillon is a highly experienced photographer who evokes action, emotion and life through his vibrant compositions and unique point of view. With thousands of shutter-clicks under his fingertips, Dak’s work has been featured in local, regional, national and trade publications, including newspapers, magazines and online sites.

Creating dynamic photography and artful images that will make a great impression is a collaborative process. Dak Dillon Photography works closely with clients to convey their messages and capture the moments that matter most.

Whether you are looking for commercial photography, event photos or portraits Dak Dillon Photography will take your ideas and create the images that bring them to life. Contact us today to see how we can best serve your photographic needs.

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Capturing action, emotion and life through vibrant compositions.

Commercial Photography

In order to place your brand ahead of its competition you need images that will engage your audience and capture the essence of your products and services. Dak Dillon Photography understands the importance of creating images designed specifically to capture your brand’s message and captivate your audiences.

Corporate Photography

As a corporate professional, presenting a professional image and building respect and trust in your brand are tantamount. Whether you require images for your web properties, corporate reports or marketing collateral, Dak Dillon Photography will present you and your corporation in its most professional light.

Event Photography

When you host an event or celebrate a business milestone, event photography is a must. Capturing your function is an excellent opportunity to humanize your brand and create public awareness. Dak Dillon Photography has extensive experience capturing the most memorable moments of events for all purposes.