Basketball: Missouri vs. Kansas – The Border Showdown

Basketball: Missouri vs. Kansas – The Border Showdown

It was a wild, emotional game, but the Tigers defeated the Jayhawks for possibly the last time at home.

The day started off at 5am with preparing for ESPN’s “College Gameday” and ended with moving photos at 11:30pm in the workroom. It was a long day, with 3 events including a wrestling meet , thousands of frames, and a lifetime of memories. For me, the most emotional part was the moving from the locker room to the workroom, and seeing my photos leading off major sports websites.

Overall, the day brought back memories of last years homecoming. ESPN in town, lots to shoot in one day (a NASCAR race), and a top ranked opponent that night. The perfect setting for a wild game, a wild finish, and many great moments.

This “Gameday” was the same, here’s some of my favorites.

You can view more photos from the game at


  1. Aimee says:

    Those pics are really great. Nice work.

  2. Bob says:

    Wow! Nice job!