Commercial Photography

Commercial photography for Bacardi

You have an amazing product line, great descriptions, and an excellent sales format – so why aren’t you selling more items? The answer may be closer than you think. The pictures that you use to portray your items and business might be driving away otherwise enthusiastic customers. Commercial photography will help close this gap and not only tempt new customers to buy, but trounce your competition in the process.

Stock Images Aren’t Fresh

If you’re using the images provided by manufacturers, you’re putting out the same material as every other buyer. With more and more information being indexed by web searches every day, images are already being cataloged and used to rank websites – and old is bad news. Using fresh, original photographs of a familiar item makes your products look newer and more interesting and sets you apart from stock image-using competitors. In addition, you’ll be able to show different angles or new improvements on a product without needing to wait for more manufacturer images to roll out.

One Picture, Many Applications

A single picture of the front of your business goes much further than your website. Uploaded to maps and commercial aggregate sites, it will be the image that shows up on GPS systems and smartphone-powered maps, ensuring that your customers can “”see”” your business before they even arrive. Other commercial images can be used as your avatars on social media sites, blogs, and more to visually spread your marketing efforts along with campaign slogans and customer outreach.

Revitalize After a Renovation

If you’ve spent a significant budget on renovating the building or idea behind your business, getting the word out is important to get your money’s worth. Using commercial photography is one of the fastest ways to communicate the changes to your customer base, as pictures need only be glanced at to convey a message. Pictures are sharable, tag-able, and can be altered to include description text, borders, and filters for even more diverse results.

Commercial photography isn’t an ala carte option in business, it’s a very important gear in the machine of success. Working hard at structure and wording is a great start, but the third leg – imagery – is the one that will stabilize your platform.