Corporate Photography

Your business only gets one chance to make a first impression on your potential customers, and a lot of effort is likely already being directed into making it a good one. Marketing, sales techniques, and even packaging is all carefully considered – and all quickly undone by bad photography. The image that your company portrays is literally tied to the images that it uses, and a host of easy-to-make mistakes can have a large negative impact on customer and investor perception. Research into the right kind of photography for your business will pay off in better consumer opinions and, in time, a better overall image of your company.

Why Amateur Photography Doesn’t Work

Everyone has a friend of a friend with a fancy digital camera, and a common mistake is thinking that this person can handle taking corporate pictures of the caliber required to make an impact. Even with a little skill and a good tripod, an amateur photographer will lack the “”tricks of the trade”” that make professional photography a career rather than a hobby. Knowledge of natural and manmade lighting, development techniques, and digital manipulation are only a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you opt for professional corporate photography.

What Corporate Photography Covers

Corporate photography can capture anything your business needs for it’s informational and sales techniques. Snapshots of a day in the life of your production facility, majestic panoramas of corporate headquarters, and headshots of important executives taken by the same company or individual photographer will attribute a sense of consistency to the views you submit to the public. Your company will appear more polished and in control of its own operations, and will reassure investors that you are consummate professionals in every aspect.

Some Considerations For Corporate Photography

When contracting with a corporate photographer, be sure to clearly communicate your needs and expectations; while giving them an “”idea”” or mission statement may help, they will also need to know how many images you expect, what the resolution of those photographs should be, and so on. Also discuss release of the images, or, if applicable, periods of legal use that your company will require.

If you take the time to discuss your ideas with your corporate photographer, you can rest assured that you’ll get the images you need to make your company look phenomenal. You don’t need to settle for fuzzy, off-centered snapshots when crisp, clean pictures are easily obtained through the services of a professional.