Wedding Photography


You have been dreaming about your wedding day for as long as you can remember. Now, that special day of yours is approaching. But, as it turns out, there is more to think about and to plan than you ever could have imagined. Weddings are more than what you wear and the flavor of cake you select. There’s a honeymoon to prepare for, a bridal party to attend to, toasts to write and then, of course, there’s all the preparation for the day itself.

One thing you want to be absolutely sure about is that you have the right wedding photographer. Your wedding day is certain to be hectic and to go by in a flash. You need to know that the wedding photographer you choose will be there to capture absolutely everything and preserve every moment.

Don’t Miss a Thing

From the beginning of your wedding day to the final dance, there will be moments you don’t want to miss. That’s why hiring a professional wedding photographer is so important. A professional knows where to be and how to capture intimate moments between bride and groom and candid moments among wedding guests.


We will work with you before the wedding day to understand the style of photographs you want. Our goal at Dak Dillon Photography is to help tell your wedding story without becoming a part of it.

Memories to Relive for Years to Come

Professional photography makes it possible for you and your loved ones to look back at your wedding photos and remember that special day like it was just yesterday. Your wedding photos will become just as memorable as the wedding itself. This is possible because of our knowledge of professional photography equipment.


Whereas point and shoot cameras may not have the capabilities to take photos in low light situations or capture images extremely close up or far away, our equipment can. We use DSLR cameras that are specifically designed to capture perfect images in imperfect settings. In order to make your wedding photographs just right, we also have experience using all kinds of photo editing software.

Selecting a wedding photographer is an important investment for your wedding. In order to put your mind at ease on your wedding day, select a professional photographer you can trust to capture all the special moments of the day.

Dak books a limited number of weddings per year, due to the nature of his schedule. Contact Dak today to reserve your spot early!